Saturday, April 30, 2011

Even the downs are ups.

Today was a day of ups and downs.

I had my Celebrating Home Fundraiser for Japan, which was a complete bust.  Literally only one other person besides the couple I had helping me showed up.  And the thing is, you would think I would've been really disappointed or embarrassed, but I wasn't.  I've been praying a lot about Celebrating Home and whether to continue with it.  Lately, booking parties has been like pulling teeth.  It's almost like the vat has run dry around here.  Plus, I'm much less motivated now that I'm dealing with early intervention and speech therapy for Jackson, leading the college ministry with Bryan, and really trying to make something of my blog.  So, I felt like today God was saying, "This is it for now."  That doesn't mean I'm forever done with it or I won't have the occasional party, but I think Celebrating Home will be placed on the back burner for at least the summer until I can get all my ducks in a row.

Thing is, while we were setting up a really cool thing happened.  Our Pastor's wife, Shari, noticed one of the neighbors of the church putting two really nice cribs out on the curb for trash pickup.  They were cherry finish and need a little TLC but they even convert into toddler beds.  We snatched them up quick and pulled them into the church to use in the nursery.  If we wouldn't have been there, we wouldn't have had the chance to get them; and, I'm proclaiming, in the name of Jesus, that this means the church is about to see some major growth!

A few of my ESCAPE (college ministry) girls came over after the fundraiser, hung out for a bit and then we took Jackson to the park to listen to a local band of professors (the simple joys of living in a college town) and play on the playground.  Jackson had a whale of a time swinging, sliding, and just checking everything out.  He really is so funny about things sometimes.  He doesn't run around like you would see most toddlers do.  He just walks around, looking at everything and checking out all the scenery and all the people.  At one point, he was mesmerized by the band.  One day Little Bug, one day!

Can I play?

He's thinking, "Not bad for my opening act."

All day Jackson's teetered on being sick.  He had a fever last night and has had a slight cough today, but not enough to slow him down.  Well, tonight was a different story -- he definitely didn't feel well.  I hate when he's sick but I loved the extra cuddles I got all evening.  He just wanted to sit with me and color on his new Magna Doodle (thanks Morgan!) or watch Nick jr.  And, I ate up every minute of it.

God has given me so many wonderful blessings that even days that should be full of downs, end up being full of ups!  Thank you Jesus for answering prayers, for growth of the body, for friends and family, and most of all -- for Your unending love.

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time..." - Ecclesiastes 3:11


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  1. Amen, sista! God is good all the time.
    If you ever hear of things like that going on at UTM let us know. We love to check out free music and such. We miss college town life.