Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Green Thumb...OF DEATH!

Hello.  My name is Lindsey, and, I am a murderer...of all things green.

I was given an Ivy plant by Bryan's roommate in college.  I took it home over the summer and my mom kept it alive for 2 years.  I took it with me when Bryan and I got married and killed it.

When Bryan and I moved into our first apartment we bought two house-plants, Pedro and Napoleon.  I watered them every day.  Within 6 weeks both were dead.

Every Spring I buy beautiful hanging plants.  None of them last long.  In SC, the 100 degree sunlight for most of the day fried them.  Or, it could be that I didn't water them enough to be able to survive hot SC summers.  I'll never tell.

Last Spring, I bought hanging plants that needed constant sun exposure. Turns out, I should've bought ones that thrived in the shade (maybe I should start paying more attention).  They died in about two weeks.  But I had to keep one hung for weeks because a sparrow built a nest and laid eggs in it.  So we had this dry, bare, dead hanging plant on our porch for a good month and a half.  It looked horrible.

Last Fall, I decided I would get mums for the front porch.  They didn't last long either.  I was told by a friend that mums were virtually indestructible.  HAHAHAHAHA...not by me!  I completely forgot to water them and again, they were dead within weeks.

I want to have a green thumb, I really do.  But every plant I purchase and care for dies a slow, agonizing death - either by drowning or dehydration.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to plant a small garden this year.  Maybe some tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini/squash, and some herbs.  But I'm terrified that I'll plant all the little seedlings and then kill them all by either showing them too much love or not enough.

Yesterday, I was grocery shopping and I almost lost my mind.  I got everything I needed to make Bryan's favorite pasta and then got to the produce isle.  Wal-mart didn't have fresh basil!  UGH, I HATE WAL-MART!  (Don't ask me if I could've gone to another store...because there aren't any.  I'm bitter about it if you can't tell.)  I furiously pushed my cart to the garden section and threw potting soil, a cute little pot, and the last little basil seedling they had (which is already looking a little frail) in the cart.  I planted him today but am fearful that instead of turning out to be a beautiful, bearer of deliciously sweet and fragrant basil, that I've signed this sweet seedling's death sentence.

Meet Basil (Baah-sil).  That's right, he's British.  

Any words of wisdom on how to keep my sweet, little Basil alive?  Maybe if I can get him to thrive, I can move onto planting a real garden.  Tips on planting said garden are much appreciated too.


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  1. Buy a cactus.... LOL Sorry I'm not much help, I kill plants too :(