Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend.

I know it's been a few days since I've blogged.  5 actually.  Thursday, Mrs. Robin laid her 4th and final egg.  Things have been so crazy over the past few days that I never got around to posting the picture.  So, here it is.

Is it just me or does it seem like one is being left out?

There won't be too much to update you all on until the weekend.  Robin fun fact:  Robin eggs hatch 12-14 days after the first egg is laid.  So, I'll start watching closely starting Friday and keep you posted from there!

Like I said, the weekend was pretty crazy.  Here's a small recap of each day just to fill you in on how our second Easter with Jackson went.

Thursday, I went shopping for an Easter dress.  I was hoping to find a maxi dress (aka long, cotton dress) just so I wouldn't have to get a spray tan.  But, I was pessimistic about the outcome because I've rarely been able to find a long dress that fits in the bust but isn't too long.  Well, Maurices came through in the clutch this year!  I found a beautiful brown and teal maxi dress that I could wear a tank under (gotta be modest for Easter Sunday!) that pretty much fit.  It was a little too long when wearing it with flats, but not too bad.  I planned on wearing this awesome pair of strappy, teal heels that I've had for years but only worn a few times. When I went to put them on once I got home, I quickly realized they didn't fit anymore.  I can that pregnancy for that one!  So I just wore them with flip flops, which I'm not going to complain about.  If I could, all I'd own would be flip flops.  The best thing about the dress is that it's going to awesome this summer, too, without a tank under it.  I'm super pumped about it.

On Friday, I found out all too quickly that I can not, under any circumstance, drink coffee anymore.  I had a terrible migraine when I woke up so I figured some Motrin and a little caffeine would help. Bryan made some coffee and I had a cup.  Within an hour I was trembling uncontrollably.  I felt sick to my stomach, my head was still hurting, and felt out of my mind.  I pretty much gave up caffeine when I was pregnant with Jackson, and since then I can hardly drink it without having some type of adverse reaction.  I am seriously bummed about it too.  I LOVE coffee...the smell, the taste, the idea of sitting with my husband in the morning with a cup and reading the Bible or paper.  But, nope, not me....can't have it anymore.  Sigh.

Saturday, we had a lazy morning and then headed to the store to get Easter goodies, food for breakfast and for lunch the next day.  I reflected a lot on Saturday about how we focus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but we don't think about the importance of the Saturday in between.  Can you imagine how victorious Satan felt?  Christ was dead in the grave.  I'm sure he was throwing one Hell of a party! (Get it? haha)  Then Sunday came, Jesus rose, and he was defeated!!  It makes me think of how often this happens in my life.  Maybe I'm feeling down or unworthy, maybe I'm struggling with the Lord...and I'm sure Satan feels like he's he finally has a grip on my life.  Then BAM!  Jesus comes to my rescue again, pulling me out of my pit, showing me grace and how much He loves me.  Satan must be a glutton for punishment.

Easter Sunday was great!  We had breakfast at church before service, took lots of pictures (in most of which my son is a tan and blue blur) and had a fantastic service to celebrate that Jesus is alive!

Yes, I stood my child on a table in an effort to get him to be still.
Clearly, he's embarrassed.  

Pastor gave a great message, worship was fantastic, and the praise team even sang my favorite song - "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan (I'll post the video below).  After service we had college students over for lunch that couldn't go home for the weekend and basically hung out with them for the rest of the day.  Jackson has his first official crush on one of them, which is super cute.  I think she eats it up too.

She's pretty and she likes to color.  To him, she's perfect!

Oh!  I almost forgot. We did have one minor catastrophe after church.  I was fixing the salad for lunch, putting the scraps down the garbage disposal when it completely came apart under the sink.  Water and food particles went everywhere.  It took a good hour to get everything cleaned up and put back together, but Bryan and I did it.  We were pretty proud of ourselves too.  Team Parsons saves the day!  I was just glad I didn't have to wash dishes in the tub or spend $175 for a plumber to come out on Easter Sunday.



  1. This is what happens when your cousin checks your blog from a computer and not her iphone. You get comments and you know who they are from. LOL I love watching you track the Robin's eggs. You are teaching me cool things that I will in turn be able to teach Angel. And you guys looked so cute at Easter! I know how you feel about getting Jackson to be still. Angel isn't mobile yet but he sure can wiggle enough to blur a picture. I love your blog sweetie! Keep it up! It's a nice way of keeping up with what's going on in your life.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog Lindsey and so appreciate you adding John Mark McMillins video! He is a great singer / songwriter. That is also one of my favoite songs. We all need to be reminded of how much God loves us no matter what we are going through!