Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And there were three!

Mrs. Robin laid her third egg today!  I'm anxious to see if this will be the last egg she lays or if she'll lay more.  Typically robins only lay three eggs but they can lay up to six.  So, we'll see.

You know how I said yesterday that robins lay there eggs mid-morning?  Well Mrs. Robin is dead-set on blowing that theory out of the water.  At 12:15 today I checked the nest and still there were only 2 eggs.  Then at 2, I put Jackson down for a nap and checked the nest again before I laid down to take a nap myself.  Still only two eggs.  I woke up at 3:45, and finally she'd laid her 3rd egg!  Like I said, before, I get it...I'm not a morning person either.

The third egg is the one at the top.
It's slightly larger than the other two.

Last night, I was terrified for Mrs. Robin and her babies.  We had really severe weather and around midnight the wind was blowing the rain so hard against the back of our house that I thought there was no way the next would survive the storm.  Bryan and I sat in the bathtub (don't worry there was no water and we were fully clothed) with the blinds up just waiting for a flash of lightning so bright that we could see if she and the nest were still there.  After a few minutes, the sky lit up and we saw Mrs. Robin, holding strong, sitting in the nest protecting her babies!  She was  looking right at us, and I swear it almost seemed like she was saying, "Help me!"  Well you did good, Mrs. Robin,  You protected your home and your babies.  Well done, girl, well done!

Robin fun-fact:  Robins lay anywhere from 3 to 6 eggs per nest.  But all of those eggs, aren't necessarily fertilized.  After the babies hatch, the female robin will push the unfertilized, unhatched eggs out of the nest.  That's why a lot of people find robin's eggs in their yard.  Typically, it's not by accident that they've "fallen" out of the nest.  So, don't fret if you ever come across one.  Most likely, there's not a chick inside.  


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  1. I am so enjoying the updates on Mrs. Robin. The way that she held fast to her nest in the storm reminds me of the way Jesus holds onto us. He loves us so much that no matter the storms or trials we go through He is always there to shield and protect us. Thank you Lord for the lessons you teach us through your creation! Your Love never Fails!!!