Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New babies and new words in our household!!

MRS. ROBIN'S EGGS HAVE STARTED TO HATCH!  After several days of checking and re-checking, we finally have a baby bird this afternoon!

Impatiently waiting for his/her siblings.

There originally were 4 eggs in the nest.  I'm guessing one of two things happened to the 4th egg.  Either Mrs. Robin instinctively knew that one of the eggs was not fertilized and got rid of it, or it did hatch but the chick did not survive and Mrs. Robin got rid of it.  I did get to meet Mr. Robin today when checking the nest.  I guess now that there is a baby, both parents are uber-protective.  It actually took me opening the window for Mrs. Robin to fly off the nest.  Both mom and dad kept flying back and checking me out as I was trying to take a picture.  I just talked to them sweetly and told them I was not going to hurt their babies.  Then Mrs. Robin waddled right over and sat right back down on the nest.  It was a touching moment!!

Robin Fun Fact:  Eggs usually hatch a day apart in the order they were laid.  This gives me hope that the 4th egg just wasn't fertilized rather than the baby didn't survive, because that would mean 2 eggs had to hatch in the same day.

I'm SUPER excited to announce that Jackson has picked up 3 new words/phrases in the past week!!  First was "wow."  The other day I let him press the button to open up the garage door.  It made him jump and I was afraid he was going to start crying so I just smiled and said, "WOW!"  His eyes got really big and he followed with a long and breathy, "Wooooooowwwww!"  I felt like I was on cloud nine.  

Second, was "uh-oh."  He's been kind of saying the "oh" part here and there but not consistently.  I was letting him watch a video on my iPhone and he accidentally hit a button, turning it off.  He said very clearly, "Uh-oh!" and starting pressing the touch screen to turn it back on.  Then yesterday, Blue laid down really hard on the floor and he looked at her, said "uh-oh", and patted her on the side.  I guess he thought she fell down.  It melted my heart!

Third, is "no way!" (Sounds like one word - 'nooowhey'.)  I LOVE this one.  He's been saying "no" for a few weeks but in the past 2 days, he's been saying "no way" to everything.  Me:  "Jackson can you say night-night?"  Jackson:  "No way."  Me:  "Jackson, let's go change your diaper."  Jackson:  "No way."  Me:  "Jackson do you want some juice?"  Jackson:  "No way."  SUPER DUPER CUTE!!

I think that puts his word count up to 9 now (several we thought he was saying at first, he isn't saying anymore in case you're looking back at older blogs) --  Daddy (sounds like 'Daa-ee'), Mama (rare but he says it sometimes), done (sounds like 'doh'), good (sounds like 'goo'), bye (the most southern, country 'byyyye' you've every heard), no, uh-oh, wow, and no way.  At 19 months, he should be saying at least double that amount but the fact that he's gone from one or two words to eight now shows he's making real progress.  And, it makes me VERY PROUD!

Jackson's first intervention session is Friday at 10.  I'll let y'all know how it goes!


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