Thursday, May 26, 2011

If moms got Mazzies like bad actors get I'd be a winner.

Every year, right before the Oscars, the worst actors/movies of the year receive Razzie Awards.  Some years, the winner of the Golden Raspberry for the worst actor/ress  is also the winner of the Oscar for best actor/ress (i.e. Sandra Bullock in 2009 got a Razzie for "All About Steve", then turned around and won an Oscar the next day for "The Blind Side.").

Earlier today, I felt like I deserved an award for Best Mom.  I took Jackson to his Speech Therapy evaluation and he did great.  He tested right where he should be and DOESN'T NEED SPEECH THERAPY!!  I wanted to jump, dance, and shout it from the roof tops.  I'm so happy he is improving so quickly with his speech but most of all I'm THRILLED that I don't have to drive an hour away for a 30 minute speech therapy session every week.  (Sorry if that's selfish, but you know you'd be happy about that too!)

I was also SUPER excited to come home and find my new AppState colored hula hoop from Hoopenanigans.  Bryan had already gotten it set up, so I immediately went to hooping.

Isn't she lovely?

I was a little frustrated because I couldn't keep it off the ground, but I finally figured it out.  Right as I started getting good I felt a thump and then heard a scream - the kind of scream that comes out silent at first because you're catching your breath - yeah, it was that bad.  Jackson had walked right into the path of the hoop behind me.  Keep in mind this is not a hula hoop you'd buy in the toy section of your favorite super store.  This is a large, thick, weighted adult hula hoop.  I grabbed him but couldn't get him stop clutching me long enough to look at his face.  When I finally got a peek I saw this...

Would it be inappropriate to tell everyone he was in a bar brawl?
I'm not sure which one shows worse parenting skills.

And, today's Mazzie for Worst Mommy goes to...


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  1. The bar comment reminds of me of Sweet Home Alabama. "Lurlynn, look at you! You have a baby! In a bar..."