Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Second Mother's Day

I cannot believe that this is my second Mother's Day.  It seems like yesterday I was sitting in the congregation of my church thinking that I couldn't wait until the day I could stand up and be recognized with all the other mothers.  I actually thought as I stood in church today, "Wow, I'll never have to sit and watch this ever again."  It made me smile.

I am so thankful that I am a Mommy.  My heart is so full of love, my life is so blessed, and I am so eternally thankful to the Lord for my sweet little boy.  He makes every day a lovely adventure.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for him.  It's unfathomable how much I love him and I can't wait to watch him grow over the years into a little boy, and eventually a man.  I also can't wait to see what God has in store for my family, growth wise.  I look forward to hearing more tiny footsteps in the Parsons' household!

I am also so thankful for the two women in my life that taught me what it was like to be a good mother - my mom and my MeMe.  I am so blessed to have always felt loved, respected, and have always known what it was like for people to be proud of me even in my failures.  The message in church today was about what it means to be a good mother.  As I sat there and listened to the five qualities given out of 2 Timothy, I was reminded how both my mom and MeMe exhibited every last one.  They taught me how to be tender and compassionate, to have self-control, to be giving, to instill pride by praising your children, and above all else to have a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord.  Just as Paul said Timothy had these qualities because they were first in Lois (his grandmother) and Eunice (his mother), it's my prayer that I can instill these qualities in my children because they were instilled in me.

Happy Mother's Day Mom and MeMe!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Now for a quick rundown of the weekend. --

Saturday was the start of a great Mother's Day weekend.  Jackson gave me an early Mother's Day present by sleeping until 11 am!  I actually woke him up by busting into his room in a frantic because I was worried about him.  We had a lazy day, went to the grocery store where I stocked the pantry and fridge with healthy foods, had a good yet easy dinner, played with Jackson and kept him up way too late, and then watched a movie with Bryan.  It was an awesome day at home.  I just love those days!

My day started uber-early today though due to the sleeping in yesterday.  Jackson woke up at 4 am this morning and I had to go in and rock him.  He gave me another present at 4 am though.  I was rocking him and he looked up at me, pointed to the dresser (where I put his cup) and said "uice" for juice.  I just smiled real big and told him daddy was on his way with it.  Way to go big guy, way to go!

Before we went to church I got some news that my dad hasn't been doing well.  He's been battling kidney stones and is severely anemic.  Bryan and I talked after church and after talking with some family, we decided I'd head to NC tomorrow to help take care of him until he gets back on his feet again this week.  So, today has been a day of laundry, packing, and prep for mine and Jackson's flight tomorrow.  We had a great dinner though topped off with fresh watermelon.  DELISH!

Because of my trip, I'm going to apologize in advance for how long it will be until my next blog.  When I get back I should have some great pictures from visiting family and a trip to the beach!


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