Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas gives me writer's block.

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for not writing blog posts lately.  Truthfully, since the last post about Jackson's speech and Christmas, I've had a little bit of writers block.

My mind was and has been so consumed with other things:  Jackson's speech delay and getting him an appointment with an audiologist and once a week speech therapy, Christmas presents, travel and everything else that comes with the holiday, trying to finally get things ready for Ruth to arrive in about 2 months (WHAAAAAT?!), transitioning Jackson to the big boy bed and potty training, and lastly a terrible accident we witnessed during our holiday travels.

Needless to say, I've been a little overwhelmed with everything.  Good thing is, I'm finally settling into the stress and just taking things one day at a time instead of worrying.

The Christmas holiday was wonderful.  We spent 2 weeks in North and South Carolina and spent lots of time with friends and family.  The wonderful people in my life threw us two baby showers: one with family in NC and one with friends in SC.  We were so blessed by the gifts, but more than that, we are more blessed by the love and support we have in all of them.  Jackson got to spend lots of time with aunts, uncles, and grandparents and was spoiled rotten by them!  There were of course some stressful times of the trip -- but that just comes with traveling out of state and trying to see everyone and make everyone happy.

As I stated before, we did witness a tragic accident on the last day we were in SC.  On our way to church that morning we witnessed an alleged drunk driver crash into the side of a mini-van containing a family on their way to church.  The parents and 4 children were inside.  The youngest, a 6 year old little girl, was killed in the accident.  It was horrible to witness and Bryan and I have had this family heavy on our hearts and minds ever since.  I still find myself getting nervous behind the wheel.  I'm sure the people around me keep wondering why it takes me so long to turn at an intersection or go once the light turns green because I find myself checking around me like five times before I can muster up the guts to hit the gas.  Those of you who follow me personally on Facebook know the story and have probably been keeping up with the news stories I've posted.  Just please continue to keep the Longstreet family in your prayers as it will be a long healing process for them both physically and emotionally.  God has shown His grace through this family and I'm sure He will continue to win souls for His glory through the loss of this sweet little girl.

Since we've been home we've just been trying to get ready for baby!  It took several coats of paint, but we finally got the ugly green room painted yellow and are set to start moving the baby furniture from Jackson's room to Ruth's room and start decorating.  I'm also searching for a dresser or chest to refinish and have a few more things to buy before Ruth gets here.  I hope she takes her time!

Continue to keep Jackson in your prayers as he starts speech therapy tomorrow.  We're also starting potty training on Thursday and going to move him to a twin size bed in the next few days.  Pray he adjusts quickly and effortlessly to all the transition and changes!

Stay tuned to the blog for a New Years Resolution post and pregnancy updates along with pictures of the nursery.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the holidays.


Santa came a week early at our house.
Jackson still loves his kitchen! 
Now he can help Daddy set up everything for Ruth.

Jackson got his first truck at age 2.  I'm glad he's not spoiled!

Finally got my new auto lens.
I make this face every time I use it.  Eeeeek!

No caption needed.  His face says it all...

Just riding his trike!

Jackson helped open all his sister's presents.

Covered in prayer.

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