Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jackson @ 16 Months and today's little miracle

I took Jackson to the doctor yesterday for his 15 month well 16 months.  We got a little behind because of the Cloud of Sickness.  Overall he was perfectly healthy.  No sign of ear infections or congestion in his chest.  Praise the Lord!!

Jackson measured 34.5 inches long, which is still off the charts.  I think the nurse's exact words after measuring him were, "Good gracious!"  His weight was in the 82nd percentile at 28 pounds on the dot.

I talked to the doctor A LOT about Jackson's speech.  He isn't talking as much as most of the other babies we've been around that are his age or even younger.  At this point, we are rarely getting a Mama or Dada.  We do, however, get really random, incredibly clear words.  Take for instance yesterday - as we were walking out the door I said, "Ok Jackson, tell the doggies 'See ya later'."  He put his hand up in the air and as clear as day said, "See ya!"  Now, of course, I couldn't get him to say it again and probably won't for months.  Two nights ago we were eating Garrett's popcorn from Chicago (or as Bryan and I like to call it, food of the Gods) that my wonderful mother in law sent us for Valentine's Day.  I gave Jackson a bite and asked him if it was good and he nodded his head and said "good."  But of course, couldn't get him to say it again.

The doctor told us that proves to him that Jackson can talk, he is just choosing not to because he doesn't have to.  Because I stay at home, I know his schedule and his cries.  I know what he wants before he has a chance to tell me.  So, he doesn't have to talk to communicate.  Also, shamefully, we watch a lot of TV.  And most of the time when it's on, Jackson's locked in - whether we're watching children's programming or Rachael Ray.  So, the pediatrician told me #1 - to turn off the TV.  Limit it to around 1 hour a day (this is gonna be tough!).  Also, make it more difficult for Jackson to communicate in other ways besides talking and he'll eventually see that it's easier to just say things.

So, that's what we've done today.  I'm happy to say it's 5 'til noon now and I just turned on the TV 15 minutes ago to allow me to write this blog post.  And because it's been off, I've already witnessed one tiny miracle today.

Jackson has this ball that he absolutely loves.  My mom and stepdad got it for him from Singapore.  It's supposed to light up when it hits the floor.  Well, for months it's been dead but Jackson has not given up on it.  He still throws it as hard as he can, hoping for it to light up.  We were playing with it in the kitchen today and again it would not light up - no little, spontaneous flash, NOTHING.  I realized Jackson had a messy diaper and I carried him (as he was holding the ball) into his room to change his diaper.  As we entered his room, he threw the ball down and magic happened.  IT LIT UP!  He looked at me with wide eyes, full of excitement and squealed with joy.  Then we did a little happy dance!

Look at it...MAGICAL!
I know it might sound silly, but I thanked God for this tiny little miracle.  I know it was a blessing from Him for doing right by my child today -- a blessing that is still blessing as he's still playing with it now.  In all it's blinking, flashing, lighting up glory!



  1. so cute! I like this post:) Turning off the tv is hard for stay at home moms:) its entertainment for us too:) What I do with my boys is a show when they wake up from morning and nap. Its helps them ease into taking on the day, and gives me ease as I try to wake myself up! good luck linds, thats a resolution for sure!!

  2. Finn was a late talker :) I didn't even get a mama until he was 15 months. He apparently just waited until he could talk full sentences because the child does.not.shut.up!

  3. I can say that I think boys are slower talkers in general, my Brylie was saying many many many words at 15 months in fact I have a list of over 150 words!! Wow!! I can say that Brayson doesn't say that many and he is 25 almost 26 months. In time he will talk :)