Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Lindsey - On Children's Programming

As I said before in my previous post, we watch a lot of TV in my house.  In the past year, Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel have ruled the airwaves in the Parsons household.  And, after a year of watching non-stop children's programming I have some issues with some of the shows.  Granted these are light-hearted issues, but they are things that plague me every time I turn on the tube.  Here they are in random order...

1.  Special Agent Oso -  Is it just me or is Special Agent Oso the dumbest special agent EVER?  He fails every training assignment and just as he fails he gets called to a special assignment in which he is supposed to help some pre-school aged kid do a mundane task like wash dishes or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  In EVERY SINGLE special assignment, the tasks are broken down into 3 steps.  While doing said 3 steps, the pre-school aged kid is usually the one that has to correct Oso on what he is doing wrong.  Also, the "special assignment" usually reminds Oso of why he failed his training assignment and what he needs to do differently.  First, in the real world, any special agent that fails every single training assignment and then has to be schooled on how to finish that training assignment by a 4 year old would be fired in a heartbeat!  Not only that, but I'd like to think that most special agents in the world would be smart enough to know that you don't wash dishes in lemonade!  Also, in what realm of reality does every task only require "3 special steps"?  Hey Paw Pilot, how about long division?  Give that to me in 3 special steps!  BOO-YAH!

He CLEARLY has the right idea.  Idiot.
2.  Go Diego, Go! -  For the most part I enjoy this show.  I like how it helps children learn Spanish.  I usually am fine right up until the last few minutes of the show - when Diego quizzes the audience about what they learned about the animal they rescued during the episode.  This is when I believe Diego is contributing to the stupidity of my child.  He asks questions like, "How does a jaguar travel?  Does he run or ride roller skates?"  WHAT?!  THAT'S RIDICULOUS!  What animal uses roller skates to travel?    Always, the questions are ridiculous.  "Does a humpback whale drive a car or swim?"  Seriously, Diego?  Really?  I'd appreciate it if you didn't assume my kid was a total moron and actually challenge him with appropriate questions!

Lookout guys.  You're about to be lunch.
3.  Handy Manny -  Mostly, I really enjoy Handy Manny.  The only problem I have is with Manny's relationships with the women in Sheetrock Hills.  Is it just me, or his he a total ladies man?  Most of the time the phone calls for Manny's help come from women.  And I think the women and Manny are a little too friendly to each other.  Not only that, but people are all too willing to just leave their children with him.  I don't know about you, but the last person I'm going to leave my child with is the local handy man!  He could be a predator for all I know!!  In the latest episode I watched with Jackson, a young lady in town invited Manny to go camping with her.  Can we say INAPPROPRIATE?!  Co-ed sleepovers are not to be encouraged people!

I'm sorry.  Did I interrupt something?
4.  Franklin - I remember watching Franklin when I was a kid but lately I've been picking up on something that really bothers me.  Franklin is a turtle and he has a real name.  But, all of his friends don't have names.  They are just Duck, Owl, Rabbit, Bear, etc.  And you never hear if Franklin's parents even have names, they're just referred to as Mom and Dad.  Why is Franklin so special that he gets a name but none of the other characters get names?  If I were them, I'd just call him Turtle!  Oh, and one other thing.  Franklin can take off his shell.  In real life, turtles can't take off their shells.  That's just sick.
Turtle with shell off = CREEPY!
5.  Fresh Beat Band -  Now this one is hard to talk bad about.  It's Jackson absolute favorite show even though I'm convinced it's the most annoying show on television.  I've been growing to love it (because Jackson squeals and dances to the music when it's on), but one thing really bothers me about it.  I think the Fresh Beats have some pretty inappropriate things going on in their living quarters.  First, they all live together.  Granted, they all have separate rooms -- but watch carefully.  In several episodes (especially in songs) you'll notice that they will randomly pop out of each other's rooms.  That is NOT ok!  Boys and girls should not be alone together behind closed doors!  Excuse me KiKi, but that is not appropriate behavior for a young lady!!
I feel sorry for them as actors.  I really do.

That's all my brain can come up with for now.  What issues do you have with children's programming?? And, keep it lighthearted people!



  1. hahahahaha. Agree about Oso, hate that dumb bear. I also think its too close to James Bond for kids, just no sex references. We love Diego, the end questions don't bother me, and Finn knows what a sloth is amongst other random animals. I'll take stupid q's for animal knowledge. I hate Handy Manny on all fronts. I have nothing nice to say about it, compounded with it being voiced by Wilmer Valderrama who wins no kid friendly awards. Never watched Franklin, so I gotta pass on that one. And we (ok I) LOVE FBB :) The rooming situation doesn't bug me because they also wear the same clothes every day, built their own car, and live on smoothies - nothing about what they do is good role modeling or realistic, but they are too darn cute and I love the music. I also will pick a live action show over cartoon any day of the week.

    I hate Calliou, hes whiny and annoying, I hate Dora because she is EVERYWHERE and I'm majorly against charachter crap (toys, games, PJs etc), and I hate Barney. No explanation needed. I just hate him, LOL. I like almost all live action shows, FBB, Yo Gabba Gabba, even the Wiggles :) And FTR - yeah, we watch too much TV as well.

  2. BAHAHAHAHA, thank you for the laugh today. I haven't heard of some of those shows and have never seen an entire episode of any (we don't have cable). Sometimes Sam will put "The cat on the hat" or "Curious George" on to watch with Samuel and both shows drive me nuts. The issues are obvious: the mom on cat in the hat is an idiot and I find it weird that a grown, single man lives (and talks to) a monkey. On the occasion that I put TV on for Samuel he watches Praise Baby DVDs, Your Baby Can Read DVD, Bob Ross painting, or Mister Rogers Neighborhood via the internet. Bob Ross has become a family favorite. Sam and I caught an episode of "Yo Gaba Gaba" that featured Jack Black and thought it was hysterical....not at all something for Samuel to watch but totally entertaining for us.

  3. ok. I definitely could blog about this as well. We no longer watch disney, I got sick of all of them, and Jay doesnt ask, so I am good with it! The one thing that Davon and I found hilarious is the hardware store chic song, and how it says "She'll give you the guided tour"...and its a super seductive song!! Fresh Beat-I hate, but the kids love. So davon and I just make fun of twist, which makes the kids laugh even more:) Special agent OSO is what it is "special" I know thats not pc, but it is what it is.
    If we are being really honest. I cant stand the veggie tales. I know this probably makes me the worst christian parent EVER, but aside from a great message, I CAN NOT get past how annoying I think they are. I have given them so many tries, and I just cant do it.
    My fave, backyardigans and wonderpets. cute. love the singing, the animals, and the teamwork:)