Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Resolution Time!

It's a week into the 2011 New Year and I am finally figuring out my New Years Resolution.  Technically, since my husband had a tonsillectomy at the end of December and then we went out of town to NC to visit family for a late holiday, yesterday was MY first day of the New Year.  I'm not too behind, right?

Since I was a teenager I always made the resolution to have someone to kiss the next New Years Eve, which always turned up to be a failed resolution until I was dating Bryan in 2001.  He was my first ever New Years kiss and he'll be my only one.  This story doesn't have too much relevance to this blog post, come to think of it, but I love it and wanted to share.  :)

Other than that one resolution, I've failed at following through on every other New Years resolution that I've ever made.  There have been countless resolutions to lose weight, start an exercise routine, and to have my quiet times every single day.  And so far, I've disappointed myself time after time.  This year will be different, dangit!  I will follow through on my resolution.  And, I think I've figured out a way to keep myself accountable.  But before I get into that...

I have 3 resolutions this year...

1.  To blog more (preferably every week).
2.  To run a 5k.
3.  To try and get an idea patented.

The first two resolutions kind of go together.  I really enjoy blogging but I've found that I have a hard time figuring out what to write about besides motherhood, which I get bored with sometimes.  So, I figure I can blog about my life, mommy-hood, and I can track my progress in training for a 5k and keep myself accountable through it.  Oh, and I'm counting on you readers to keep me accountable too!  If you haven't seen a post in a week or heard anything about me running, then I expect you to ask me about it.  I'm serious - DO IT!

Running a 5k is going to be monumental for me.  I've never had much...let's be honest...any success when it comes to running.  In gym class, before we'd run the mile I always told myself, "Lindsey, this time you're going to run the whole thing!"  I never made it past the first lap before I gave into walking.  (Hey, at least I wasn't that girl who from the get-go walked the whole thing and received the stink eye from the rest of the class as she finally passed the finish line b/c it took her the whole period to hem...walk the mile, keeping us from a rousing game of dodgeball.)  I've  started Couch to 5k on 3 separate occasions but never made it past the 4th week.  I think, though, that is because I was doing it for weight loss/exercise reasons not because I wanted to run a 5k.

Not to mention, I'm horrible at running.  And I don't mean that I'm horrible at it because I'm not in shape.  I mean I am really, REALLY bad at running.  My form is just plain ugly.  I don't know how to run correctly.  Bryan says I look like a mouse on a treadmill.  My little feet are working as fast as they can, but it looks like I'm not getting anywhere.  (Thanks hun!)  I'm hoping I'll get better at it as I continue to train.  I've already googled "How to run" and have watched some videos and gotten some tips on appropriate form.  (How did people learn anything without Google?)  Now, I just need to look into some 5ks, pick a race, and then I'll have a deadline.

I am more dedicated to follow through on this resolution than I've ever been about any other.  Partly, because I want to prove to myself that I can do it.  More so, because when discussing it with my wonderfully supportive husband he said, "Are you REALLY going to run a 5k?" I responded with a hard slap to the arm and, "Well NOW I am!"  Thanks for the vote of confidence honey! That's more motivation than I'll ever need! :) In all seriousness though, he really is supportive and proud of me for this.

My last resolution I can't really talk about.  I mean, I can't tell you my idea or you might steal it and patent it yourself.  And those are MY millions, buddy!  But, trust me, it's good.  Really, really good.  I've told a couple family members and they agree.  (Fingers crossed they weren't just blowing smoke you know where.)  I'll keep all of you posted on the progress as much as I can without spilling the beans.  I promise, once I make my millions, I'll blog about it.  :)

Happy New Year Ya'll!  2011 is going to be great!


  1. Girl - 5ks are so awesome. You will love it! And I bet you get addicted. Too bad you don't live closer and I would run it with you. Despite what Bryan says about your form. LOL. The great thing about your first one is that no matter what time you finish - it will be your personal best! Good luck girl and let me know how it goes as you train and finish.

  2. You can do it!! Set a schedule for posting. It works way better than just thinking you'll do it. Even if it's MWF. Doesn't have to be daily to be effective!

    And yay for running & idea-ing!!

  3. Lindsey, you can totally do a 5K! I was the same way after Riley, I hate running (still do), but there is something about running that first 5K that puts the bug in you and you just can't stop! :-) I was training for a 10K when I got pregnant with Landon, but I've already marked on my calendar my first post-Landon5K for the fall. Couch to 5K is good, but I used a different program, same general idea, but it did all the timing for you and just made a ding dong in your ear when it was time to go from walking to running, it was a total no brainer. Its called PodRunner and its free on iTunes. Good luck! :-) DD

  4. Crystal - I wish we lived closer too! That would be great!

    Alex - I will definitely set a schedule. I'm also going to work on writing as soon as I think something is blog worthy. I've had a few instances lately but forget about them by the time I sit down at the computer.

    DD - Thanks for telling me about that program. I'm going to get it! I want to start running with my iPhone so I can listen to music and that would be an added bonus! Thanks so much!!

  5. The C25K program never worked for me, I would always get bored with it or think it was taking too long. I just ended up jogging at a steady pace as long as I could and my time/distance increased gradually. If you feel like you would need more structure though, the IPOD thing sounds cool. Music really really helps. I just let my IPOD play random songs so it's always a surprise. Uplifting music is great too, gives me some alone/reflective time with the Lord:) I love you! I would love to run some 5ks with you!