Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something Shook Me

On Sunday, something happened that absolutely rattled my "Mommy Foundation."  An acquaintance at our old church in SC lost their 21 month old son.  More shocking than just losing a child at less than 2 years old, was the way in which he lost his life.  He was not ill, it wasn't a car accident, or at the hand of another person...he fell down a flight of stairs.

This event has absolutely shaken me to the core.  Before he passed, I prayed for a miracle.  I prayed that if it took God taking one of my many blessings away for this little boy to live, that I would sacrifice that blessing.  I've cried for days over this.  I've cried for the parents, friends, and family members.  I've cried for the little boy, himself.  I've cried for the sitters who were watching him at the time.  I've cried tears of thanks to the Lord for my child.

And, the crazy thing is, I barely even knew this family.  So, why has it shaken me so much?

It's shaken me because I cannot imagine having to come home to a house full of toys, a camera full of pictures and videos yet to be shared, a closet full of clothes not yet worn, and Christmas presents not yet wrapped or opened.

It's shaken me because what person out there has not fallen down some stairs?  I feel like I do it on a monthly basis.  Children fall and bump their heads all the time.  They pull things down on them.  For heavens sake, they stick things in power outlets...but you rarely hear of something like that actually taking a baby's life.  It seems that they are always "close calls."  Why couldn't this tumble have been just a close call?

It's shaken me because of the numerous times I'm guilty of not immediately running to Jackson when I hear that he's getting into something he shouldn't or is in another room without supervision.

It's shaken me because I've been pondering whether I want to continue to stay at home full time or go back to teaching.  I can honestly say this one event has flipped my thoughts on going back to teaching upside down.  I don't want to miss a moment.  I don't want my child's safety and well being to be any one else's responsibility on a daily basis.  Not that I don't trust others, but because I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through what this little boy's sitters are having to go through.  So for now, at least, I'm resolved and completely thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom.

I'll never understand why this little boy was taken from his parents, friends, family, and the world so early.  I'll never understand why God only allowed his parents to enjoy him for less than two years.  But what I do understand is this...

My God is good.  He doesn't promise us a perfect life without hard times.  But what He does promise is that He will hold us close during those hard times.  God is love.  And love, overcomes death.

You Do Not Realize Now What I Am Doing, But Later You Will Understand. ~ John 13:7

Below is the link to the obituary.  The family is taking donations through the funeral home to help with funeral costs.  Please donate...



  1. Wow, that made me tear up just reading it. I know I'm guilty of the same things. Especially now that I have 2 wild ones. Makes me think about taking more time out of cleaning something to spend just playing with my sweet girlies. I will be praying for this family. I'll be praying for you too, as you continue to be a homemaker for your little family. I know it's tough, but it's so worth it. God's going to bless you through it. I'm still working hard and praying that I'll be able to do the same very soon. Love you, friend!

  2. What a heart wrenching story! I pray that God bless you with a clear understanding of his will for you, whether he wants you at home or to help teach those that he may place in your path. Sometimes our heart tells us to stay at home where it is safe and enjoy our time with our loved ones while God may be calling us to step outside and help the ones that have less to be thankful for. I love you, Lindsey and thank God that he has brought our lives back together. You are a wonderful role model and I could not be happier to have you in my life!