Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh the difference a year makes...

Yesterday, I cleaned all the bottles out of the cabinet and was overcome with emotion.  I can't believe that it's been over a year since Jackson was born.  Lately, I've found myself being more and more nostalgic.  I think it's because I've felt like I have a newborn again.  Between Jackson waking up in the middle of the night and the neediness during the day, I've found myself sleep deprived and on edge like I was the first few weeks of his life.  Things are calming down now (Phew! It was just a stage.) and I've been able to break through the sleep fog to actually reminisce about all of the events of the past year.

                                  Halloween 2009 -  Almost 1 month old

I think about how much Jackson's grown and all the milestones he's already crossed -  sitting up, crawling, walking, eating solid foods, and no longer taking a bottle.  I look forward to watching Jackson cross many more milestones and doing typical little boy things - running around in the backyard, soccer games, playing fetch with the dogs, going to Disney World, etc.  But, I find myself wanting things to slow down.  I miss his nap times on my chest and cuddle time while he took his bottle.  I miss the sound of those first coos and giggles.  I miss my little baby boy.

             Halloween 2010 - 1 year old -  Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme

Uh oh...is that the itch to have another one?

I hope it's just eczema.


  1. Not eczema, welcome back to baby fever :) I was anti number two until Finn turned one, then BAM. Like a ton of bricks :)

  2. Do it! Jackson would make an awesome big brother. You and Kate could do it at the same time. Nick and I are already talking number 2 because of my age.

  3. uh oh an itch!?! i was in the infant nursery sunday and rocked a 2 month old to sleep. i started thinking, aw, i miss this. and then i quickly remembered everything else that comes along with 2 months olds, and then i was over it! cute halloween pics!

  4. I LOVE your Halloween costume!

    And although I can't relate to the baby itch, I did post it on my facebook page :) Because it's good (for you. And maybe some other readers ;)