Friday, January 28, 2011

RSV should stand for Really Snotty Virus

I'm serious.  Really snotty.  Really, really snotty.

I knew the next week or so would be hard since Jackson has RSV, but no one told me just how nasty it would be.  And I don't mean nasty as in unpleasant, irritating, or dangerous.  I mean gross NASTY!

There is snot everywhere!  Snot on the crib sheets, snot on the carpet, snot on the couch, snot all over the sippy cup, snot on Jackson's clothes, snot on MY clothes, and I've even found snot on the dogs.  (At least getting snot on my clothes gives me an excuse for not getting out of my PJs this week.  Now what's my excuse for the rest of the time?)

In an effort to control the snot I have two boxes of tissues that I carry with me throughout the house.  However, this causes a whole new problem.  I have to keep the boxes of tissues away from Jackson or he'll pull every last one out of the box.  Do you know how hard that is?!  I've found the easiest solution is to hide them under the afghan on the couch or under the covers in the bedroom.  This has also caused a cruel game I'm playing with myself called, "How many times can you sit on the tissue boxes before one actually goes up your toosh?"

Another issue with the tissues (hey that rhymes!) is that snotty tissues = crack for dogs.  If I leave a used tissue out, I might as well just look for it in the back yard in about 12 hours.  Red inhales it as if he was starving.  Which he just might be because the amount of snot that is draining in Jackson's stomach has caused him to not want to eat anything, or keep what he does eat down (Yay!  Snot and vomit!  Double the fun!!), except for one thing.  Dog food.

Since he's been diagnosed with RSV, Jackson has become OBSESSED with the dog bowls.  He's constantly trying to eat the food and dump the water out everywhere.  In an effort to lesson the amount of times I have to fish a kibble out of his mouth or clean up water (4 times yesterday) I'm keeping the dog bowls up on the kitchen table all day, except when Jackson's sleeping.

Look at those poor, sad faces!  They're starving I tell you...STARVING!

So, maybe my dog is starving and is just trying to get a little extra nutrition by eating the snotty tissues?  Or, maybe, he's just as tired of the snot as I am, so he's cleaning up the mess for me?

Stalking his prey.
Shameful...just shameful.

Ehhhh...probably not.


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  1. poor baby!!! but even MOREso...POOR MOMMY!!! i hope you can hang in there...but i must say the pics of your dog are pretty stinkin hilarious :) hope little jackson gets better!!! you are a great mommy :)