Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To cut or not to cut? That is the question.

I've insisted for months that I'm not going to cut Jackson's hair until I absolutely have to.

He may have inherited his daddy's high forehead, but Jackson definitely got my hair.  And, I think I have great hair (not to be entirely vain or anything).  I could tell you the story about how my mom didn't pray that I'd be healthy or normal, but prayed that I'd have beautiful hair while I was in the womb.  But...if you know me or her AT ALL, you've probably heard that story.


Recently, though, I've been feeling some pressure to give him a little trim.

I hate that because I LOVE  his hair.  It's getting long, and the longer it gets, the more it curls in the back.  Proportionally, it's done fairly well too, except for a few wisps on the sides that are a little longer than the rest and have a mind of their own from time to time.  It took a little while to fully come in but at least he wasn't one of those unfortunate babies that ended up with horrible bald spots or baby mullets.

There are a couple downsides when it comes to long hair though.

One -- it's hot.  When he get's really sweaty it sticks to his face and neck...and looks like this.

He looks happy.

Two, he gets mistaken for a girl.  Now, I know Jackson looks like a little boy, but he IS pretty.

Pretty boy proof.

The longer his hair has gotten, the more, "Awww...what a pretty little girl?!" comments we've gotten.  These are usually followed by me correcting them and giving them a "Can't you see HE has on boys clothing?!" look.

Three, it makes it hard to put sunscreen on his head.  Because his hair is still fine on top, his scalp still gets sunburned if we don't apply sunscreen.  (This was also inherited from me.  I have terrible memories of scalp sunburns as a child that peeled, bled, and scabbed.  It makes my head itch just thinking about it.)  I don't want him to have to go through that, but I'm not entirely sure a haircut would solve the problem unless I just buzzed it.  AND, THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!

When I think of all these things, I really start to consider getting his hair cut.

But, then I look at him and see this...


...and I think, "NO WAY am I cutting off that gorgeous hair."  We'll do whatever it takes to keep him cool and keep sunburn at bay by using caps and hats.  And, who cares if people mistake him for a girl from time to time -- they are idiots.  I just can't do it yet!

So, what do you think?

Just in case you needed more photographic evidence.
Also, if you wanted to swoon some more.



  1. LEAVE IT!!!!!! I love little boys with long hair and hate that we cut Finns. I'm not going to cut Atticus' hair for a very long time

  2. I say cut away! But I think the fact that Gavin was born with SO MUCH hair made it easier for me. That, and the fact that I am just not emotional about normal stuff like that. We just had Elijah and I already threw away all his hospital stuff while thinking 'I bet most moms would keep some of this...' (I.e. his first hat or little wrist band.) Gavin gets his hair cut all the time. I can't even imagine how long it would be if we hadn't cut it. The first time we thought 'what have we done!' but then it grew back so fast we were fine.

    I told David since I didn't have a little girl I was doin' my little boys hair! That is why we love his little faux-hawk. :)

    But really do whatever you want...he is your little guy!

  3. Don't cut it until he is at least two. You will have plenty of time to not have baby curls. Once you cut it, it the curls are gone for good. I went through that with Dillon.

  4. It sounds like you are pretty attached to his pretty locks~ so I would put it off till he needs to look more manly.

  5. I had trouble deciding when to cut with Ben, but I finally decided too. It was the girl comments that pushed me over the edge or more accurately pushed Daddy over the edge. And since Daddy keeps him, we cut it. And I like it. It does make him look like a little boy and not a baby though.