Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Bryan

To My Honey:

I know you asked that your one gift on Father's Day would be for me not to write some long, sappy, and in your words cheesy Facebook status about you, but you didn't say anything about my blog.  I promise not to make it too long, and hopefully not too "cheesy".  I just want to say thank you....

Thank you for always bringing humor to our home.

Blue Steel

Thank you for working hard to take care of us.

Dr. Daddy!

Thank you for lifting me up and always pushing me to succeed.

I meant that lifting up part quite literally. :)

Thank you for your playfulness.

Thank you for loving Jackson and myself and putting us before anything else in this world.

Thank you for teaching our little boy how to be a man of God.

And we both know God is a Bulls fan!

More than anything, thank you for being you.  

Stud muffin

When we got married I didn't think I could love you any more.  Since that day we've been through ups and downs and life has thrown us some curveballs but instead of letting those curveballs tear us apart, we only became stronger as a team.  Then we became parents and my love for you grew deeper than I ever thought it could.  Watching you with Jackson makes me swoon.  Watching how much he is like you, makes my heart melt even more.  There isn't anyone else in this world I want Jackson to grow up to be like.

Even if that means he'll always have squinty eyes and a fake smile in pictures.

I love you and can't wait to make more babies with you!


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  1. I love this post for your husband. So sweet. (sorry I'm late to the party)