Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leaving On a Jet Plane

In two days, Jackson and I will be flying to Maryland to visit family for my grandmother's 75th birthday.  I have a lot of excitement and trepidation about this trip.

I have already started packing and I am trying to get all of Jackson and I's clothes, toys, blankets, toiletries, bottles, and other necessities into one suitcase.  My husband can well testify that it is hard enough for ME to get everything I'd want to bring for a 5 day trip in ONE suitcase.  And, all you other moms out there know that even though babies are so much smaller, they require so much more stuff!  But I am bound and determined to get everything into one bag so I don't have to pay for two bags at the airport.  It is ridiculous enough that I will have to pay for one!

My first area of concern is getting through security.  I have found myself spending as much time on the computer checking the TSA website as I have getting stuff together.  I've had to go through all the stuff in my diaper bag to make sure diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, gas drops, etc. are all under 3.4 ounces.  Luckily, they are.  However, I am worried that TSA is going to stop me because they think 3 bottles for a 2 hour flight will be too many.  But, I've heard a lot of people say that you should give babies something to drink during take off and landing because the change in cabin pressure can hurt their ears.  I am also bringing some juice and a sippy cup for this reason.  The flight is during Jackson's breakfast time so I have to bring baby food too.  Not to mention the water filled teething ring that is Jackson's favorite toy.  I can't possibly have him on a plane for two hours without it.  Needless to say, the amount of liquids I will be bringing on this flight could put me well on top of the terrorist watch list!

Second area of concern:  the flight itself. Typically, as soon as people see a person walk on a plane with a baby they think, "Please don't sit here!  Please don't sit here!"  I know this because I've thought it myself.   So, I have been specifically praying that God will put people around me that will want to help entertain Jackson.  I am bringing several toys, snacks, juice, and I've even downloaded an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and The Backyardigans on my iTouch for entertainment.  None of these will help, however, if Jackson gets tired.  Lately, he has refused to fall asleep in my arms.  I think he is just too big now and can't get comfortable.  My second prayer (other than the obvious safety prayer) is that he will easily fall asleep if he gets tired.  It is possible that there will be some empty seats on the flight and the flight attendants will let me bring his seat on without paying extra.  That would help a ton, but I can't count on it.

Once I get to Maryland things should be a piece of cake.  As long as I can keep Jackson on some type of schedule while we are there, we should be golden. 

I do have a small amount of trepidation about seeing everyone on my dad's side of the family though.  I am not as close with this side of my family, which I totally share the fault in.  I guess that is just how it goes when you haven't lived close to them for most of your life.  Because I don't see them much, I always feel like I need to look my best when I do.  And I definitely don't look my best right now (read my last post for more details).  Also, most of my dad's family drink and aren't exactly Bible-totin' Christians so I often feel like the odd man out with them.  This is no knock on them by any means, I am just different.  Most of all, there has been a rift in the family in the past few years, which has added some drama into the mix.  I am hoping that everyone can come together, putting differences aside, and celebrate the woman who made all of us possible.  After all, the relationships you have with family members are the most important because they last the longest.

Even though I have all of these concerns, I am truly excited about going!  I am really looking forward to seeing all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins and introducing Jackson so many of them.  Plus, two of my cousins have also had babies in the past year so it will be fun to get all the little ones together.  I am sure all of the "what-if" situations will fade and I will have a really great flight and trip altogether.

You'll definitely get a post about how everything went once I get back.  I'm hoping for at least one "I can't believe that happened," type of story.  Keep Jackson and I in your prayers over the upcoming week.  We'll be back Tuesday!



  1. We are praying for a safe and enjoyable flight for you guys! Not that it matters, but I was on my first plane trip at 3 weeks old. There were several more to follow. However, there were not as many restrictions then. Hugs!

  2. Right there with ya on the trepidation... for different reasons, but very similar. i too am hoping everyone can get along, for gramie, and to celebrate the next generation of our family, our babies, and set the right example for them... with that said, andres is going to have to keep me on a tight leash!! can't wait to see you!

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  4. So far, so good! And Jackson and Ava like each other so that's a plus!